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Cat Medical Pet Sitting

  Turn to Hiss & Purr Petcare For Your Cat Medical Pet Sitting Needs.

If you have a cat or kitten with special needs, it can be hard to find a cat sitter for the task. Adopting a cat includes the tacit promise that we are going to put them in the best situations for their overall health. If you are in need of kitten medical care while you are away from home, consider hiring a cat medical pet sitting professional! Today, we are going to introduce you to the team at Hiss & Purr Petcare while outlining the benefits of their kitten medical care services.

If you are looking for a professional cat medical pet sitting in the greater Philadelphia area, you will want to turn your attention to Monique and her company, Hiss & Purr Petcare. Hiss & Purr Petcare was established in 2007 while Monique was working as a veterinarian technician. Thanks to her professional background and nearly fifteen years of experience in the cat medical pet sitting field, Hiss & Purr Petcare is uniquely suited to provide cat medical care and kitten medical care during pet-sitting appointments.

For a traditional cat sitting booking, Hiss & Purr Petcare will meet with your cat once or twice per day to provide fresh food, clean water, and a tidy litter area. During this period of time, Monique of Hiss & Purr Petcare can also play with, brush, or otherwise relax with your cats. During this time, Monique can provide you with daily picture updates and information regarding how your cat is doing. This is the ideal service for individuals who want to leave home behind without having to worry about their furry roommates.

When it comes to kitten medical care during cat sitting appointments, Hiss & Purr Petcare is ready to tackle the job. Thanks to Monique's background as a veterinarian technician, she understands how to provide compassionate and loving treatment to cats with special needs. With cat medical pet sitting, Hiss & Purr Petcare is able to trim nails, feed via esophageal tube, monitor blood glucose levels, and provide medication orally, topically, or subcutaneously. What makes Monique different from your average cat medical pet sitting expert is her depth of knowledge and years of experience. Monique has worked with aggressive cats, gentle cats, and every type in between!

In addition to all of the traditional benefits that Monique provides, there are a few general benefits of kitten medical care sitting. Most importantly, your lovely cat will get to stay in an environment where they are comfortable. Your cat will benefit from not having stress associated with traveling. Your cat will also receive personalized one-on-one attention and care, something that simply can't be offered by larger companies.

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