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Kitten Pet Sitting

  Hiss & Purr Petcare Offers Professional Kitten Pet Sitting Services.

Do you have to leave town for work? Are you planning a long and relaxing vacation? Leaving home behind is never easy when we have pets waiting for us. Typically, homeowners have to decide between hiring a kitten pet sitting professional or a cat boarding establishment. Hiss & Purr Petcare believes in the value of an in home pet sitter for kittens while their owners are away. Let's discuss the benefits of hiring a professional kitten pet sitting expert while showcasing how these services can assist you.

When it first comes time to schedule your vacation or work trip, you may be filled with anxiety. After all, as a pet-owner we are always looking after the health and happiness of our furry friends. When it comes to kittens, it can be particularly hard to leave them behind! Fortunately, an in home pet sitter for kittens can provide a proverbial bounty of benefits!

The first and most important benefit of kitten pet sitting is that your furry friend gets to stay in their home. While cat boarding organizations have the best of intentions, putting a young cat into these environments can be more than a little scary. Wouldn't you be scared if you were thrust into a strange place with other strange animals? Along with retaining a sense of normalcy, your cat will not require any transportation or exposure to new or unfamiliar environments. This will reduce the stress and anxiety that your cat will feel while you are away.

Next, you should know that the kitten pet sitting cost at Hiss & Purr Petcare is incredibly low. Why is this the case? Rather than needing to watch after your pet 24/7, Hiss & Purr Petcare can visit just once or twice per day to give your cat food, tidy up their litter area, and offer companionship and playtime. Your cat will be able to retain much of its original routine without any disruption. For a growing young cat, this is incredibly important! Additionally, your kitten pet sitting cost will pale in comparison to a boarding facility.

Finally, Hiss & Purr Petcare is qualified to offer a range of services. Monique is a professional cat sitter with almost 15 years of experience in the industry. Through her efforts and training, Monique has developed important skills such as kitten medical care, cat taxiing services, and more. Trained to meet the special needs of kittens, Monique is even able to monitor glucose levels, trim nails, feed via esophageal tube, and more.

Hiss & Purr Petcare was established in 2007. 15 years later, Monique's mission statement remains the same: provide affordable kitten pet sitting services to those who need them. If you are ready for your trip, turn to Hiss & Purr Petcare today!

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